Transformale Call For Bids 2015

In 2013 for the first time a province-wide, cross-sector festival was created in cooperation between Kärnten Tourismus (Kärnten Werbung) and people in the province active in the cultural sector, which also involved culture-related tourist destinations. The intention is for this to continue biennially.

transformale preamble

transformale is a cultural programme that recognises processes of social change and treats them as cultural potential. The aim is to research and promote models for cooperation on future development, shed light on cultural characteristics and support change processes.

transformale is an international platform for cultural exchanges and therefore also pursues goals relating to cultural tourism. As a result, a key focus of the content of the transformale programme is on the development of habitats.


With the general theme of >A REGION IN SIGHT< TRANSFORMALE15 poses the question of our relationship with our habitat from different perspectives – from inside and outside – from the point of view of art, literature, theatre, music, film, dance and all forms of culture that span different sectors. Understanding art as an experiment in organising life belongs to yesterday. Today our everyday life is so densely interlaced and permeated by sensory stimuli of all kinds that our gaze has shifted to our actual habitat. Yet the ideal of what is original and indestructible still resonates in our self-image.

Time of transformation

As a contemporary art and culture festival held biennially with a focus on cultural tourism, TRANSFORMALE15 offers a platform for concepts that perceive the process of social change as a cultural challenge and want to develop new perspectives from this. Our region needs cultural change and new impulses so that we can experience the landscape and people in new ways again. The misunderstanding that we have to abandon our own picture of ourselves in favour of how others see us – in order to fulfil what we assume they expect of us – has had a lasting impact on cultural development.

The programme of TRANSFORMALE15 also has an input here as an undertaking for cultural tourism. It aims to transform our usual perception of our own habitat using the media of art and culture – including in cooperation with external contributions. The new images created through this joint form of development and implementation will lead to new PLACES OF CULTURE. These can also generate future scenarios whose own dynamics will also offer important experiences for travellers and guests. What can art and culture achieve in connection with tourism? They can transform our perception!